A Fighter For California!
A Fighter For our values!
A Fighter For US!

Phil Wyman

Proven Leadership. Proven Results.

Public Safety/Protect Families

  • Kamala Harris is not the peoples attorney, she has abandoned her oath of office and the people of California.
  • Phil Wyman worked in our legislature and authored our "3 Strikes & You're Out" bill.
  • Phil Wyman has the support of Jim Remick, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Badges Supporting Fallen Officers Families, "Fallen".
  • He will work with law enforcement agencies to give them the tools the need to fight violent crime and gangs throughout our state.

Safe Schools Led By Empowered Parents

  • Phil Wyman authored new laws to allow school uniforms and establish Parental Consent.
  • He has served as the California Vice Chairman of the Assemblies Committee of Higher Education.
  • Phil Wyman will work to insure that programs designed to assist California residents like in-state college tuition and welfare are restricted to U.S. citizens and legal residents.

Fight Corruption/Enforce Rule of Law

  • Fighting corruption! Upholding the Rule of Law!
  • Defend the 2nd Amendment: The right to bear arms.
  • Phil Wyman was the author of Governor George Deukmejian's Death Penalty Restoration Act.
  • Support efforts to restore Death Penalty to Governor Deukmejian's original intent.
  • He has served as Vice Chairman on Assembly Committees on Business and Professions; Agriculture; Water, Parks and Wildlife; Economic Development and New Technologies; and International Trade.